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Woman seeks child support decades later

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Child Support |

Anyone who has raised on child on his or her own likely knows of the struggles that single parents face. In addition to the emotional strain that one faces, single parents often struggle financially, making the court-ordered child support payments they receive a necessity of life. Unfortunately, some parents in Virginia and across the country face a circumstance in which the other parent does not make these payments.

Recently, a woman in another state decided to take action against her ex-husband. She says that the man left her to raise her 3-year-old daughter on her own 50 years earlier. She reports that he was ordered to pay her approximately$160 a month in support payments, but he did not do so, and, instead, left the country.

Now that she is retired, she claims that she is struggling financially, prompting her to seek the money she claims she is owed. Because she says there is no statute of limitations on child support in California where she lives, she notified him that she wants him to pay. With inflation and interest, she sought $170,000. A representative for the woman claims that the pair recently settled on a $150,000 payment in a private meeting.

While states may vary regarding the statute of limitations on certain issues, a family law attorney with experience with child support cases in Virginia can help a person fully understand their options. Additionally, a parent who finds him or herself unable to make their court-ordered payments due to a change of circumstances also has the option of seeking a modification. By doing so, he or she can help avoid potential complications in the future while also preserving the parent-child relationship.

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