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Who gets the house in a divorce?

Many married couples choose to buy a house together to put down some roots and possibly start a family. If you buy a home with your spouse and eventually get divorced, deciding who gets to keep the house may become a source of contention. After spending so much time...

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Which spouse keeps the dog?

Ending a marriage is accompanied by many issues such as property division, maintenance, and child support. The family dog is playing a bigger part in our lives and affections and its custody, care, and cost has complicated divorces. The law The law treats dogs as...

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Can divorce lead to a happier life?

For many people who grew up believing that divorce is bad or shameful, it can seem to be an odd concept that perhaps life might get better after they split, especially if one or both partners is terribly unhappy. As a recent essay suggests, the idea of one spouse...

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Finding amicable ways to divorce

At this point in our lives, most of us who have friends who have been divorced, perhaps, even multiple times. Someone in our circle can tell horror stories about the divorce process; whether it is the costs, fighting, life drain, etc. And, for some, these horror...

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