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Staying focused on the legal issues in a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce can take an emotional toll on Virginia residents. After all, no one gets married thinking that the relationship will end in divorce. However, despite the emotions that are oftentimes inseparable from the divorce process, a recent news article noted how important it is to focus on the legal issues in the case.

Determine your goals

There are common issues in divorce cases, no matter what the facts are: child custody; child support; alimony; and property and debt division. Obviously, for those who do not have minor children, the issues dealing with children don’t need to be addressed. But, even if you only have alimony and, principally, property and debt division to address, the way these issues are decided can have a huge impact on your life – both in the present and for years into the future.

As the recent article noted, the more that soon-to-be ex-spouses can focus on the legal issues and how to get them resolved, instead of focusing on emotions and any lingering anger or anxiety that might exist between them, the better the actual process of getting through the legal case will be. And, if there are children involved in the relationship, the reality is that you and your ex-spouse will always have that bond.

So, when you are thinking about everything involved in a divorce, whether it is the emotions or the legal issues, think specifically about your goals. How do you want everything involved in the process to end? Who do you want to be afterward? How will you co-parent with your ex-spouse? Stay focused and think logically.


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