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When Life Changes, Should Your Divorce Order Change?

Life continues to change long after a divorce is final. These changes can eventually impact your ability to abide by the terms of your final divorce order. In this situation, it may be appropriate to seek a modification to your current spousal support, child support or child custody order.

At Powell Radomsky, PLLC, we know that life is uncertain, and we help our Virginia clients seek necessary modifications to existing divorce orders. We can determine if you have grounds to modify a divorce order, and if so, assist you in taking steps to do so. Our family law attorneys will continue to provide the support and guidance you need long after your divorce is finalized.

Appropriate Grounds For A Modification

Simply wanting to change your custody schedule or spousal support order is not necessarily grounds for a modification. There must be evidence of significant changes in circumstances since the last order was entered, financial or otherwise, to get a court to approve your request.

Some valid reasons for modifications include:

  • Your ex-spouse is living with someone in a relationship that is like a marriage and may no longer be eligible for spousal support.
  • Your child’s needs have changed, and you need more financial support to care for them.
  • You lost your job, or you are now suffering from a disability.
  • You have a new schedule that does not allow you to adhere to the custody schedule outlined in your divorce order.
  • You need to relocate.

We can also offer out-of-court solutions to modification requests. While a court will have to approve the modification, it is possible to reach a reasonable resolution without a stressful litigation process.

Determine Your Rights

Should you pursue a modification? We can discuss your case and the possibility of a change to your divorce order during an initial evaluation with one of our lawyers. Schedule your time to come to our Fairfax office by emailing us or calling 866-368-2617.