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We Want The Best For You And Your Children

When we work with Virginia clients facing the prospect of divorce, most of them have concerns about how the process will impact their children. Divorce is a serious life event for every member of a family, but our goal is to help you reach a final custody arrangement and child support order that will protect the best interests of your children and your rights as a parent.

At Powell Radomsky, PLLC, we work toward smart solutions that will benefit you and your children for years to come. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience helping our clients navigate even the most complex family law concerns, and we are ready to assist you.

Parenting Time And Your Custody Concerns

In custody cases, we look for workable solutions by evaluating the roles of each parent, the parents’ ability to work together and more. It can be stressful for children to watch their parents go through a contentious litigation process, so we strive to reach beneficial out-of-court solutions on matters pertaining to:

  • Legal custody, which is the right to make important decisions on behalf of the child
  • Physical custody, which is the amount of time a child will spend with each parent
  • Access to extended family members
  • Visitation schedules, including summer vacations and holidays

We will work with other professionals to help you make smart decisions about your case. If necessary, our lawyers can work with a forensic evaluator or mental health professional to help you understand or present to the court what is ultimately best for your children.

The Financial Support Of Your Children

Child support payments are made to the custodial parent for the care and needs of the children. In many cases, the following factors go into calculating the amount:

  • Number of children
  • Income of both parents
  • Costs of medical insurance for children
  • Child care expenses
  • Number of nights children spend with noncustodial parent

There is no universal child support amount, but our lawyers will represent your interests as we work for a final support arrangement that represents your financial capabilities and the needs of your children.

High Level Of Service For Family Law Clients

One of our goals as a law firm is to provide a high level of customer service for our clients. Discuss your case with a member of our team by calling our Fairfax office at 866-368-2617 or email us for an appointment.