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The Sensitive Process Of Preparing For A Possible Divorce

Drafting a prenuptial agreement is not something reserved only for the rich. Discussing finances with your partner and protecting your financial interests is beneficial for people of varying income levels. The attorneys at the law firm of Powell Radomsky, PLLC help Virginia couples draft prenuptial agreements that are strong and enforceable, providing security for the future.

We take a practical approach to prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement may not always be a good fit for you, and we will help you understand when this is the case.

Our experience allows us to effectively manage the sensitive process of crafting and signing these agreements, whether you are drafting the agreement yourself or you need to review a contract brought forth by your soon-to-be-spouse. The goal of our team is to help our clients make smart, informed decisions.

Experienced Allies For Your Premarital Legal Concerns

There is a misconception that drafting a prenuptial agreement is planning for a marriage to fail. In reality, a prenuptial agreement is simply laying a strong foundation in case of a conflict in the future. It can set the tone for the marriage by outlining the financial responsibilities of each spouse before the marriage.

You should never sign a prenuptial agreement under pressure. If presented with one, it is to your benefit to have an attorney review it. We will guide you through both the immediate benefits and the future impact of the terms in these agreements.

We are adept at gauging the benefits of a prenuptial agreement versus what a court will do in case of a divorce. Our lawyers take a common-sense approach in every case and will help you avoid complications over potential future issues such as which property is whose.

Discuss Your Future Interests Today

We are happy to discuss your case and evaluate whether a prenuptial agreement is in your interests. Schedule an appointment to meet with an attorney at our Fairfax office location by calling 866-368-2617 or contacting us online. We are ready to assist you.