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How divorce impacts a person’s online life

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Divorce |

When a Virginia couple decides to move forward with ending their marriage, they will have to decide on things such as how to divide marital property and how to arrange a reasonable child custody schedule. However, the decisions do not stop there. When walking through a divorce, a person will also find it beneficial to be intentional about extricating his or her online life from other party’s online life.

Technology and social media play a large role in everyday life, and a divorce will change that. Passwords, online accounts and even social profiles will need to be changed, updated or deleted. Taking the appropriate steps to do this can protect a person from future complications and issues with his or her ex-spouse. One of the first things to do is to change all passwords to profiles and accounts that a person intends to keep after a divorce.

Another smart step for a person walking through divorce is to take the time to back up any shared device, such as a computer or tablet, and reset it. This can help keep private information private and keep the wrong people from accessing information down the road. If a couple shared a Facebook account or other type of social media profile, it is smart to delete these accounts and start with a separate one. 

Divorce can change virtually ever part of a person’s life, including an online life as well. It is prudent to be careful and cautious about keeping information private during this time. A Virginia family law attorney can explain in detail how to eliminate the chance of problems related to shared accounts and profiles. 


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