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Divorce: Women gets millions after estranged husband wins lottery

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Divorce |

When a couple in Virginia or other areas of the country choose to end their marriage, there are multiple and often contentious decisions that must be made. Unfortunately, some couples may struggle to agree on how property should be divided following the end of a marriage. A recent case in another state illustrates what could be at stake in a divorce.

The case involved lottery winnings. The husband reportedly won $30 million after purchasing a Mega Millions lottery ticket in 2013. At the time of his win, he and his wife had been separated for two years. The divorce was not ultimately finalized until 2018.

The couple reportedly agreed that an arbitrator would make certain decisions regarding their divorce. One of those decisions involved declaring that the lottery ticket was marital property, meaning the woman was entitled to half of the winnings. An appeals court recently upheld that decision, determining there were no errors in the arbitrator’s ruling.

Though a divorce is often in the best interest of all involved parties, the process can be a contentious one if both parties are not willing to cooperate. In cases such as that, it may become necessary to ask another party — such as a judge — to make determinations regarding property division, for example. Many people in Virginia going through this process often want an experienced family law attorney on their side, advising them of their options — including the potential for appealing a decision — and ensuring that all relevant details are presented to the court.

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