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Legally required to pay child support without a biological link

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Child Support |

For most people in Virginia, the news that they are going to be a parent is something that they celebrate as they anticipate the new and exciting stage of their lives. For example, one man living in another state claims that he was ecstatic when he learned that his girlfriend was pregnant. However, he is now dismayed after learning that the child is not biologically his, and the state is still coming after him for child support.

Because the man says he had no reason to suspect that the child was not his, he signed the birth certificate. However, the couple ultimately separated after the child’s birth. Despite this, he claims he stayed active in the child’s life, dedicated to supporting the child both financially and emotionally.

Unfortunately, he claims that his ex-girlfriend informed him two years after their breakup that he was not, in fact, the father. This claim was ultimately confirmed by a DNA test. Despite this, the state still expects him to provide for the child financially because he is listed on the birth certificate. While the man says he wants to provide for the child voluntarily, he takes issue with the fact that he could face significant ramifications if he does not pay.

There is a process for the man to take to remove the child support burden that he is facing. It would require a judicial order declaring that the man is not the legal father. What may seem like a relatively simple legal procedure can actually be quite complicated, especially for people in Virginia with little or no legal experience. As such, many people who find themselves facing a complicated situation such as this want a professional on their side guiding them throughout the process.

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