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Parental guidance for discussing divorce with children

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Divorce |

Parents in Virginia are often left to make difficult decisions. While some may decide to stay in an unhappy relationship because they feel it is in the best interest for their children, many come to the conclusion that children may be happier with two parents living peacefully apart rather than living together with contention. Often, informing children of the decision to divorce can be a difficult conversation to have.

Many parents have found that having a plan of what to say can help ease the conversation. Likewise, having both parents on the same page regarding how much information to give and their overall attitude toward the situation can help children as they adjust to the news. Discussing what information children need to know prior to discussing it with children can provide guidance.

Children are frequently interested in how their parents’ decision to divorce will impact them. They may want to know where they will live and whether they will be able to attend the same school, among other issues. Though parents may not have this information during initial conversations, they can provide assurances to the children that they will be updated once more information is known. 

Depending on the age of the children, they may feel that they share blame for their parents’ decisions to divorce. Initial conversations often center around reassuring children that they are not to blame. Simple, factual explanations may be best to help children to process. Though these conversations may be difficult, many parents in Virginia have discovered that their decision to live separate lives was ultimately in the best interest of all involved.

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