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Divorce statistics could show steady rise amid return to normalcy

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Divorce |

The ongoing health crisis has taken its toll on people in Virginia and across the nation. It has had an impact financially, physically and emotionally. For many, the worry stoked or exacerbated lingering tensions within a marriage. Still, researchers were somewhat confused about the low divorce rates. Experts believe there were mitigating factors that resulted in fewer people filing for divorce and that this may change once society begins to return to normal. People who are thinking about a divorce should be aware of what it entails and consider the value of experienced advice.

Low divorce rates do not mean fewer marital challenges

Expert analysis and anecdotal evidence suggests that people have not gotten divorced at a high rate during the lockdowns. Since people were experiencing radical changes to their everyday life with the possibility of lost employment, working from home, caring for children who were learning remotely and other major adaptations, it became necessary to remain together even if the marriage was turbulent. The primary concern was money. As people head back to work and children return to school, people are expected to move forward with a divorce proceeding if their marriage continues to struggle.

The low divorce rate does not translate into happy marriages. Although lingering issues between couples that grew worse due to the pandemic lockdown could be smoothed over and some marriages saved, others are beyond that point and divorce is the only viable alternative. Stress is a common catalyst to marital strife and the combination of issues that have arisen because of the health crisis has contributed to the increase in stress with the possibility of more people choosing to move on.

When thinking about divorce, experienced advice can be helpful

Regardless of the circumstances and how the decision to divorce came about, there are certain fundamental considerations that will come to the forefront. If there are minor children, custody could be problematic. Spousal and child support may be necessary. Property division can spark discord. Every case is different and whether the parties are on reasonably good terms or in dispute over everything, it is wise to have professional guidance from the beginning. A consultation can provide information as to how to pursue a divorce.


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