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Negotiating spousal support payments

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Spousal Support |

Current statistics are not as promising as engaged and married couples in Virginia would like. Not only is the divorce rate still around 50%, but there is also a chance that one will be embroiled in a divorce that encompasses tumultuous issues that leave spouse stressed, overwhelmed and will less money to their name. Thus, it is vital that one considers how best to navigate these matters, especial when finances are at issues, specifically spousal support.

Spousal support

Spousal support is not a one size fits all divorce issue. Many factors come into play when arriving at an amount, which typically relates to the length of marriage, the lifestyle of the couple while married, the current and future income of each spouse and whether any sacrifices were made by one spouse, such as forgoing an education or career to stay at home with the children.

When approaching this divorce issue, one should consider basic facts to gain a better understanding. One can get a ballpark estimate of the amount they may receive by looking at the length of the marriage and the gross income of each spouse. At this point, it is also helpful to understand any tax implications spousal support may cause.

Negotiating an amount

Although state statutes help one arrive at a set amount for spousal support payments, one should understand that it is possible to negotiate this. One should think about not only their current financial needs but also their future needs, collecting any evidence that would help illustrate the need for a certain amount. For example, if one wants to return to school, the cost of this as well as the length of time until one is employed could help prove the need for a certain amount for specific duration.

Whether a spouse is specifically requesting alimony from the onset of divorce process or decides to obtain in during the process, it is important one understand how best to navigate this divorce issue. Like any divorce issue, it can be emotional and complex; therefore, one should take the time to become fully aware of his or her rights and how best to move forward.

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