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How does a job change affect spousal support?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2023 | Spousal Support |

Spousal support might be awarded in your divorce if the court thinks that it’s necessary to help you enjoy the marital standard of living until such time as you become self-sufficient. There are many other factors that go into the court’s initial determination, but an alimony award can also be modified when circumstances warrant it. One event that might do so is a change in jobs.

How a promotion or raise impacts spousal support

Whether a change to the paying spouse’s job impacts their alimony obligation depends on the circumstances. If they were promoted and receive a pay increase as a result, then you’ll be in a stronger position to request an increase in alimony.

However, your success in requesting an increase will depend in large part on how much support you need to be comfortable while you become self-sufficient. So, if you decide to seek modification, then you’ll need to be prepared to address the other factors that the court assesses when it makes a spousal support determination.

Keep in mind, too, that your own promotion or raise may reduce your need for support, which could allow your former spouse to seek a modification of their own.

What about job loss or demotion?

Your former spouse’s sudden and unexpected loss of a job or demotion could derail your spousal support, as the original order granting such support was based on your spouse’s income. If their income has significantly decreased, then there’s a good chance that the existing alimony order is unreasonable, which will likely drive your spouse to seek modification.

However, you might be able to block that modification request if you can show that your spouse intentionally reduced their income in a way to block your support. That’s a big task, but it may be possible if you can show that your spouse hiding assets and income that otherwise could be used to support you.

If you’re the one who lost a job or suffered a demotion, then you may be in a position to request additional support.

Protect your interests in your spousal support dispute

There’s a lot to argue over when spousal support is in play. That’s why you need to take a comprehensive approach to your case. With your financial future hanging in balance, now is the time to get to work building the aggressive legal arguments you need to succeed.

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