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Have these documents ready for your child support case

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Child Support |

 Child support serves an important purpose in a child’s life. Raising a child is expensive, and child support helps all parents provide the best life for their child.

Even a parent who already earns a reasonable salary can benefit from the extra child support income.

After you have filed your child support petition, you should begin to locate and organize several documents. You will be required to provide certain documents as part of your child support case.

Essential basic documents

Make sure you have your basic documents, such as your identification, birth certificate, social security card and proof of address available. Your proof of address can be any document reflecting your current address, such as a bank or mortgage statement.

You will also need to have contact information for the other parent. You cannot file a child support petition, list the other parent’s name and expect the court to find them. Provide the court with their name, last known address and phone number, if possible.

Financial documents

The amount of child support ordered in Virginia is based on various factors, including the gross income of both parents. Gather all documents showing proof of your gross income. This proof is typically provided through documents such as paystubs or tax returns.

Gross income is income from all sources. This means that if you have a salaried job where you are paid bi-weekly but serve in an advisory or consulting role somewhere else, that income is also included in your total gross income.

Your co-parent must provide proof of their gross income, as well. The court could also ask you to provide additional types of financial documentation, such as proof of property ownership or investment accounts.

Court related documents

If you already have a child support order in place and are seeking to modify the order, have a copy of the order ready. The same goes for your divorce decree if one exists. If this is your first child support petition, have proof of paternity ready.

The child support process can go more smoothly and quickly if you have your documentation ready to go. A child support attorney can help you gather the right documents and prepare for your hearing.

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