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Sonya Powell

“Ms Powell is that rare combination of empathy, caring, and finely honed expertise in family law. Every interaction with this firm has been marked by incredible caring and problem solving. Highly recommend this practice!”

“Thank you very much for your work. You handled the matter with tact and skill that should make any attorney proud.”

“It is a great gift to be able to guide each client according to their nature, yet remain effective in protecting their best interests, which sometimes must require the client to do things that are not in their nature. I appreciate how well you struck that balance in my case.”

“Thank you so much for all your support and help these past few weeks and today. I am so relieved that all is well and finally settled. You are amazing and a blessing to me and my family. Thank you”

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me during the most difficult time of my life. You have been a lifesaver.”

Cynthia Radomsky

“You’re extremely organized and work well with other lawyers … Even if this case didn’t go my way I still would be more than happy with the effort you put in. Out of all the consultations I’m so glad I chose you.”

“You are a master in the courtroom and your preparation and quick mind were evident throughout. Without diminishing the opposition it was clear who was best in the courtroom.”

“I could say a lot but it would be still be lacking. You have been my angel at the end of a very long journey.”

“Even through my fear and trepidation I loved seeing excellence at work. You were and are an inspiration to me.”

Melissa S. Cardoce

“The first star is for the professional and genuine Customer Service that this firm exhibits. The second star is for the unbelievable way that the firm exhibits Preparation techniques of the cases (a huge Thank you to all i.e. Nia on this). The third star is the Expertise that the two attorney’s consistently exhibited during the time of the case. It was almost as if I could’ve shed a tear because of how well they knew the law, the field (family) and being able to see right through the other party (and opposing counsel) instantly. The fourth star is for the Interest that was genuine and true. And the fifth start is for the one an only Melissa S. (Also known as Melissa C.). Since the beginning, My heart has been warmed by the experience, the logic, the intelligence and the professionalism that she brings to you as a client. She is transparent, she is communicative, she is understanding, she doesn’t promise you anything, as no attorney should ever do; however, I believe she and the firm were along the lines of an answer from God. No one is perfect, but I must say that I have been in tears since I met this firm and are still in tears when I think of how they work for their clients. Please reach out to this firm for all of your Family Law needs or inquiries.”